The number 52

When I was in engineering school, I followed an online class about supply chain management. During that class, we were answering questions like:

  • Does it make sense if I buy this at a discount and store it for two weeks?
  • Or should I buy it afterwards and save storage costs?
  • What warehouse should I choose to store this?

It was a fun class and it helped me get new perspectives on the supply chain.

Now, 5 years later, I forgot all equations and the majority of principles. But there is one number that stuck in my head: 52.

During the class, the unit of time we were using is weeks. I’ve used days, months, and years before. But never weeks. So when the question of “How many weeks there is in a year?” came up, I looked at the screen puzzled.

That was the first day I knew the answer: 52 weeks. And just like that, it stuck in my head. There is 52 weeks in a year.

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