Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. Extended book resume

A new way of operating. This is one of the books every creator should read. It is full of information for those trying to build an online audience. In this new world where information is abundant, it’s hard to be spotted. How to get people to notice your work? How can you get your stuffContinue reading “Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. Extended book resume”

The day I accidentally built a nudity/porn platform

I didn’t know that my next project will turn into a nudity platform and a home for spammers. But it did happen while I wasn’t paying attention. And here are the details. For the next 5/10 years, I’ve decided that my mission will be: “Can a Moroccan build an online business and make a livingContinue reading “The day I accidentally built a nudity/porn platform”

Reversible decisions and tomato purée

We freak out when we hear “decisions”. We don’t want to make them. We prefer to avoid making decisions. We think decisions are hard because they are irreversible. Once you make a decision, it will haunt you all your life. But the truth is, the majority of decisions are reversible. You can choose a path,Continue reading “Reversible decisions and tomato purée”