The story behind killing Creative Africa

I got this comment yesterday from Blessing: I just came across one of your previous platforms Creative Africa while surfing the internet, which led me here. Pls I would like to know what the platform was about and why doesn’t exist anymore, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thank you Blessing. I don’t mind sharing, andContinue reading “The story behind killing Creative Africa”

How to know what’s better for you: A manager role or a senior role?

This is a question a lot of people have: Should I be in a senior role? Or a manager role?. And I had that question too and started looking for answers. I find my answers in books, and this time is no different. I picked up The Making of a Manager book after seeing goodContinue reading “How to know what’s better for you: A manager role or a senior role?”

Learning about Tags in online marketing

I’m on a quest to learn online marketing, and I’m sharing with you my progress. So make sure to subscribe to get all new content in your inbox. Last time, I shared with you Mailchimp’s Groups feature. You can learn more about it here, but the TLDR; is it’s a way of grouping your audienceContinue reading “Learning about Tags in online marketing”

Why do I keep building things?

I love building things. And part of why I love doing this is that I want to change the future. My future! You can’t change your future, or anything, with overnight success. It’s small bricks, stacked one after the other. It’s challenging. It takes time. But it’s totally worth it. Whenever I’m feeling tired ofContinue reading “Why do I keep building things?”

Learning about Groups in online marketing

In my quest to learn online marketing, I started using Mailchimp for my mailing list. I already used it in another project, but I didn’t go deeper into all tools provided by the platform. This time, I wanted to learn more about online marketing and Mailchimp in general so I can use it better. OneContinue reading “Learning about Groups in online marketing”

The clichĂ©s are all you need to know

Today, I want to talk to you about clichĂ© answers. Those answers you hear and go “meh, I heard this thousand times. It doesn’t work”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here are some examples: Want to be healthy? Eat more fruits and vegetables. ClichĂ©. Want to be a good writer? Write more.Continue reading “The clichĂ©s are all you need to know”