The day I accidentally built a nudity/porn platform

I didn’t know that my next project will turn into a nudity platform and a home for spammers. But it did happen while I wasn’t paying attention. And here are the details. For the next 5/10 years, I’ve decided that my mission will be: “Can a Moroccan build an online business and make a livingContinue reading “The day I accidentally built a nudity/porn platform”

Reversible decisions and tomato purée

We freak out when we hear “decisions”. We don’t want to make them. We prefer to avoid making decisions. We think decisions are hard because they are irreversible. Once you make a decision, it will haunt you all your life. But the truth is, the majority of decisions are reversible. You can choose a path,Continue reading “Reversible decisions and tomato purée”

How to create a public portfolio when what you do is private or proprietary?

Not all people work on something public. A lot of what we do is proprietary and couldn’t be shared with the world. So what can you do about it? What if you want to add your work to your portfolio? Here’s a little story about my experience: In my first internship in software development, IContinue reading “How to create a public portfolio when what you do is private or proprietary?”