Category: Diary

  • Raise your hands

    Here’s a question: How many daily tasks force you to raise your hands above your head? If you responded with anything other than none, then congratulations. You’re probably better than 90% of us. Our daily life is now structured around laptops, phones, and sitting down in general. Rarely when we reach out for something above […]

  • You only need these 3 tools to be productive (and they are free)

    When it comes to productivity, there is an abundance of tools, hacks, processes, and ideas to try next. Everyday, there is a new productivity app out there trying to sell the idea of: You can be productive, if you can just use our tool. But, is this true? Do we really need those over-engineered tools […]

  • How to structure your life: The Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician mindset.

    I like this quote from the E-Myth Revisited book: Everybody who goes into business is actually three people in one: The Entrepreneur dreams, the Manager frets, and the Technician ruminates. While this is true for business, I personally think it extends to life too. First, we can’t say that running a business = living your […]

  • It’s not about winning the World Cup

    As you probably know, Morocco had a great run in the 2022 World Cup but their progression ended in the semi-finals with a 2 – 0 defeat against France. But let me tell you something. We are happy. We indeed wanted to go for the final, but we are still happy with this result. Because […]

  • A reminder to own your data

    It happened before, it’s happening again, and it will continue in the future. Platforms come and go, and your data is the price to pay. Anytime you use a closed source application, your data is in the mercy of the said platform. If this platform goes down, they might give you access to your data […]

  • Artificial constraints

    It took me 4 months to publish this post. The reason? No fucking reason. This post has nothing in particular. It’s not hard to write. Doesn’t need much research or preparation. And isn’t something close to my heart to justify the postponing. But this post happens to be the 100th post in this blog. And […]

  • Fighting covid, for the second time

    I first got COVID in November 2020, or the early days of the pandemic. With no vaccination in sight at that time, I was expecting the worst. Luckily, it was a breeze. In fact, I only knew it was covid when I lost my ability to smell and taste. Other than that, pretty normal. Now, […]

  • The “agencies of one” storm is coming

    Since a long time ago, companies hire agencies for help in design, accounting, social media management… you name it. While this was happening for a long time and is now considered the norm, there’s a new storm that will destroy agencies, especially the small ones. This storm is formed by what I call agencies of […]

  • Is it good to use Notion as a task manager?

    Notion is so versatile that you can use it for everything. CRM, website builder, personal note-taking, a combination of all the above, you name it. One thing you can use Notion for too is task management, or your to-do list to keep it simple. But is it a good idea? I personally think that using […]

  • TickTick for Mac: Add a task from anywhere

    If you use a task manager or a to-do list, you know that adding tasks to your list, quickly, is a must-have feature. Not surprisingly, the first step in the GTD journey is to capture stuff. The quickest, the better. I use TickTick, and I have it installed on my laptop, phone, etc. On my […]