Category: Diary

  • Co-working in Casablanca

    Since I started working remotely, I didn’t consider joining a co-working space. In fact, I was always thinking of co-working spaces as a noisy place where I can’t get things done. With COVID-19, I spent so much time at home and felt I lost that human touch and connection with people. So, I decided to […]

  • Trying new apps

    There are so many apps out there and I always get tempted to try them! Especially those fixing one small thing that’s been itching me for some time. The latest one of those apps is Linear. It looks like a good app for project management, especially given I have a lot of side projects, and […]

  • A non-growing to-do list

    We all know what’s the problem with to-do lists: They grow bigger and bigger every day. Few months in, and you’ll end up with a long list you may never complete in your lifetime. Seeing such a list every day will be exhausting for you and your mental health. That’s why I deliberately keep my […]

  • The incorrect idea of hustling

    I’ve seen there is a new generation of people who think hustling is just summarizing other people’s work, post a Twitter thread, pray it goes viral, and then brag about the new followers count. So I wanted to summarize how the Internet looks right now, for those in the entrepreneurship cycle: Category 1: The makers. […]

  • Daily manifesto

    For me, life is a never-ending process of trying to be better than yesterday and a lot of people agree with this. Where people start to disagree is the meaning of “being better”. Should I read every day to feel I’m better? Am I a bad person if I skip a day? What about the […]

  • Stupid walk

    One of the most rewarding things I’ve been doing lately is walking. I don’t do it for a specific reason. I walk, for walking. I don’t want to reach a specific destination, have a pre-defined route in mind, or do it to conserve steps streak on a health app. I just walk. And when I […]

  • Lockdown lesson #2: Family first

    When it comes to priorities in life, we all have our own, and there is no one-fit-all solution. I remember how my priorities switched a lot in the past few years. From wanting to work at Google, starting my own company, doing freelance, having a six-pack body… you know. On the other hand, there is […]

  • Getting paid to write

    Since the start of my career, I got paid to do one thing: making software. It is so far, the only knowledge I was able to learn and sell. And I’m thankful to the Internet and anyone who helped me go this far. In addition to software making, I was into writing. I started this […]

  • Lockdown lesson #1: Reducing grocery waste

    I’ve been working from home since 2018, so you can say I was “used to” working from home when the lockdown happened in 2020. But no, that was different. It was brutal. It sucked. And it was lonely and stressful. We all have bad memories of that period, but I have a few good ones […]

  • from a blog to a platform

    It’s been two years since I started, but I didn’t share why I started it before. So today, I’m going to share this with you. It all started when I wanted to work remotely: The story I applied to Automattic for three reasons: I wanted to work on something with an impact. And for […]