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  • The “reading more books” fallacy

    The “reading more books” fallacy

    There is a current tendency of bragging about how many books one did read. We start shouting out our number. The higher, the better. We see this in social media and the press too. “How this CEO reads a book a week”, “Reading 2 books a month is the secret…”, and plenty of articles we […]

  • 1 year working remotely

    Today I’m celebrating one year of working remotely. The least I can say is it’s a completely different mindset, culture and experience. I learned a lot about time management, communication, and lot of technical knowledge. Thanks to all my teammates and people of Automattic. Happy to be part of this awesome company. After one year […]

  • The news will find you

    We all use social media as a medium to get news around us. But nowadays, it’s even harder to get those worthy news as clickbait articles, Kardashians, and all the buzz is sitting between you and them. I used to take some breaks from social media. Usually for 2 or 3 days. But when I […]

  • Snoozing


    I like having an empty email inbox! And I think others do too, because there is a name for it: inbox zero. And it’s celebrated by every emails client out there. For me, it means I followed up on everything and I shouldn’t keep thinking about that email I should respond to. Whenever I finish […]

  • Starting a new blog

    Starting a new blog

    If you’re following this blog, and the prior one, you probably know that I’m currently working remotely. I’m still learning a lot about this new way of working and I have lot to share about it. However, I felt that this blog will be filled with remote working posts. Which isn’t necessarily the thing I […]

  • 2018, Year In Review

    2018, Year In Review

    I’m committed to this type of posts in the end of every year. Take a look at last year’s post The year is coming to an end and it’s time to make some retrospectives and see how things have gone on a personal and professional level. First of all, I’m thankful for all the memories of […]

  • My guide to buying things

    My guide to buying things

    When I moved from my parent house and the residential school. I started cooking for myself. And from that time, I’m cooking at least 3 days per week (sometimes you just want to eat outside, you know…) To start cooking from zero, I needed a lot of kitchenware. The decision was easy for some: spoons, […]

  • Remote Working: The Untold

    Remote Working: The Untold

    When I was in engineering school, I stumbled upon the idea of remote working. That idea of doing your work from anywhere. It is a dream! Right? That was at least 3 or 4 years ago. And from that day, I started following distributed companies and people working remotely to learn more about this remote […]

  • Getting ideas

    Getting ideas

    Last update 07/12/2018 I still remember the first days when I wanted to learn to code… I wanted to code so I can make things. I love building things, and I still do. I believe I had that maker mind from the start. Now, years later, “making things” si the best advice you can give […]

  • Saving my life in the last minutes

    Saving my life in the last minutes

    Back when I had to choose my last internship for my electrical engineering degree, I had two options: An internship in the electrical field, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. The other one was an opportunity I was offered in software development. By now you probably know my choice, but I wanted to give […]