• The news will find you

    We all use social media as a medium to get news around us. But nowadays, it’s even harder to get those worthy news as clickbait articles, Kardashians, and all the buzz is sitting between you and them. I used to take some breaks from social media. Usually for 2 or 3 days. But when I…

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  • Everyone can do it, not everyone will do it

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  • Snoozing


    I like having an empty email inbox! And I think others do too, because there is a name for it: inbox zero. And it’s celebrated by every emails client out there. For me, it means I followed up on everything and I shouldn’t keep thinking about that email I should respond to. Whenever I finish…

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  • Starting a new blog

    Starting a new blog

    If you’re following this blog, and the prior one, you probably know that I’m currently working remotely. I’m still learning a lot about this new way of working and I have lot to share about it. However, I felt that this blog will be filled with remote working posts. Which isn’t necessarily the thing I…

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  • 2018, Year In Review

    2018, Year In Review

    I’m committed to this type of posts in the end of every year. Take a look at last year’s post The year is coming to an end and it’s time to make some retrospectives and see how things have gone on a personal and professional level. First of all, I’m thankful for all the memories of…

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  • My guide to buying things

    My guide to buying things

    When I moved from my parent house and the residential school. I started cooking for myself. And from that time, I’m cooking at least 3 days per week (sometimes you just want to eat outside, you know…) To start cooking from zero, I needed a lot of kitchenware. The decision was easy for some: spoons,…

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  • Remote Working: The Untold

    Remote Working: The Untold

    When I was in engineering school, I stumbled upon the idea of remote working. That idea of doing your work from anywhere. It is a dream! Right? That was at least 3 or 4 years ago. And from that day, I started following distributed companies and people working remotely to learn more about this remote…

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  • Getting ideas

    Getting ideas

    Last update 07/12/2018 I still remember the first days when I wanted to learn to code… I wanted to code so I can make things. I love building things, and I still do. I believe I had that maker mind from the start. Now, years later, “making things” si the best advice you can give…

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  • Saving my life in the last minutes

    Saving my life in the last minutes

    Back when I had to choose my last internship for my electrical engineering degree, I had two options: An internship in the electrical field, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. The other one was an opportunity I was offered in software development. By now you probably know my choice, but I wanted to give…

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  • What it feels like to launch an online business from Africa

    What it feels like to launch an online business from Africa

    When your country crashes you before even starting 3 Aug 2017, 10:27 PM: I was sitting on my couch scrolling Twitter, when I found this tweet: I was always asked by my friends to review their resumes. They say I have an eye for quality, can catch errors and give ideas for amelioration. But the reality…

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