Trying new apps

There are so many apps out there and I always get tempted to try them! Especially those fixing one small thing that’s been itching me for some time. The latest one of those apps is Linear. It looks like a good app for project management, especially given I have a lot of side projects, andContinue reading “Trying new apps”

A non-growing to-do list

We all know what’s the problem with to-do lists: They grow bigger and bigger every day. Few months in, and you’ll end up with a long list you may never complete in your lifetime. Seeing such a list every day will be exhausting for you and your mental health. That’s why I deliberately keep myContinue reading “A non-growing to-do list”

Daily manifesto

For me, life is a never-ending process of trying to be better than yesterday and a lot of people agree with this. Where people start to disagree is the meaning of “being better”. Should I read every day to feel I’m better? Am I a bad person if I skip a day? What about theContinue reading “Daily manifesto”

Stupid walk

One of the most rewarding things I’ve been doing lately is walking. I don’t do it for a specific reason. I walk, for walking. I don’t want to reach a specific destination, have a pre-defined route in mind, or do it to conserve steps streak on a health app. I just walk. And when IContinue reading “Stupid walk”


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