Who is Ahmed? Hmm, a tough question.

I can say I’m a human interested in solving problems in the content and distribution space (creator economy, e-commerce, publishing…). Mainly because I have skin in the game: I create, sell, and publish online myself. You can say I understand the audience.

At 16 years old, I tried to sell something online with no prior experience.

I learned about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I started getting templates, changing things here and there, and feeling my new power. It was just magical.

I then found out I need to share these pages with other folks. So I learned about servers, domain names, and DNS. To this day, I still pray we can make DNS faster, somehow.

Anyway, from that day on, I just kept learning and following my curiosity. Always sticking to the e-commerce and content side of the Internet.

Given I can’t list all my projects here, please find a selection of the most impactful ones:

Professional Experience

Full-stack Payments Expansion Engineer – WooCommerce Payments

Focusing on expanding WooCommerce Payments to new markets, adding new payment methods (Tap to Pay, Stripe Link…), and language localization/internationalization.

Technologies: PHP, JS/React, MySQL, Stripe Connect, and Stripe API.

December 2022 – Present

Full-stack Payments Engineer – WooCommerce Payments

Helping merchants sell online by making WooCommerce Payments a better product. Working on both the server and client code. Examples of projects I worked on are payment authorizations and fraud prevention.

Technologies: PHP, JS/React, MySQL, Stripe Connect, and Stripe API.

January 2022 – December 2022

Product Engineer for Headless CMS – WordPress.com VIP

Doing market research to understand customers’ needs, the current offerings, and what the best product looks like. Then working closely with selected customers to validate ideas and help create a Headless CMS product from scratch.

Technologies: Node.js, JS/React/Next.JS, Product Thinking, and Market Research.

February 2021 – January 2022

Full-stack (Platform) Engineer – WordPress.com VIP

Working on the WordPress VIP platform, home to the busiest websites on earth. Working on client-facing tools, platform orchestration, and internal tooling.

Technologies: Node.js, PHP, JS/React, MySQL, and DevOps.

July 2018 – February 2021

Personal Experience

Author – makeitlegal.ma

Helping Moroccan freelancers, remote workers, and online entrepreneurs, navigate the legal hassle of working online from Morocco. This eBook is a summary of my experience working online and was created to help fellow Moroccans.

March 2021

Personal project

Founder – remote.ma

The first platform about remote working in Morocco. I started this to document my journey and to share my experience with others.

It’s now the #1 platform for remote working in Morocco.

July 2018

Personal project