2018, Year In Review

I’m committed to this type of posts in the end of every year. Take a look at last year’s post

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to make some retrospectives and see how things have gone on a personal and professional level.

First of all, I’m thankful for all the memories of this year, my family and my friends. I’m lucky to be loved by such good friends and family. Thank you!

I’m grateful I was able to experience some things for the first time in my life this year. Things that presented themselves in the right moment and I decided to take them while they are hot!


Last year was the first year I traveled abroad. This year I managed to visit 7 countries and 12 cities.

Seeing different cultures make your mind fresh. And I’m not planning to stop it here.

World Cup

Morocco was fortunate this year to be in the world cup after 20 years of failing. And we all celebrated!

I went to Moscow for the world cup. Even if I only watched a game out of 3 we had. But for me, what counted was the experience of the world cup.

Fan chants. Flags. Dance. And good vibes. Amazing!

Remote working

This year marks the year when I started working remotely with the amazing team at Automattic. I’m more than happy to be part of the team and to experience the future of work. Because it is the future.

Even if a small portion of companies believe in remote working now. More and more companies are starting distributed from day one. And I believe the future will be more remote and less offices.

After starting remote working. I believe I’m more effective in my work. Less commuting. Taking care of myself. Cooking. And traveling. And once you try it, I don’t believe that you can go back to an office.

In 2019, I’m planning to start working while traveling and to test it for some weeks/months. I always wanted to get an RV and work from it while traveling. I hope I can make it in the near future.

Starting a company

Given I’m a contractor. I needed to start a company in my country.

For years, the idea of starting a company always made me feel uncomfortable. Especially the paperwork. I’m happy I finally managed to do it.

I now know what it’s like to start a company. The paperwork you need. The local laws, etc.

Managing a company do come with a lot of headaches too: accounting, monthly checking, invoices, taxes, healthcare for yourself… But for me, I always wanted to see how things looks behind the scenes. Now that I finally did, I’m trying to automate the majority of it. So it can run on autopilot.

That was it for 2018. And see you in 2019.


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