I like having an empty email inbox! And I think others do too, because there is a name for it: inbox zero. And it’s celebrated by every emails client out there. For me, it means I followed up on everything and I shouldn’t keep thinking about that email I should respond to.

Whenever I finish with an email, I archive it. But the problem is, some emails aren’t urgent. And I just don’t like them sitting there looking at me and taking my focus away. So I wanted to hide them. And this is when I felt in love with the snoozing feature in Gmail. It gives me the possibility to say: I know I have to do this, but I’ll do it later. So, don’t show this to me right now, but remind me when it’s time to deal with it.

This removes the pressure and frees the mind from thinking about that thing I should do because I keep seeing it whenever I open my email.

I’m sure lot of people do not know about this feature or just don’t use it enough. So hope this helps you.

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