Who is my audience?

This is my first lesson in learning online marketing. And it’s a crucial step for me as I didn’t formalize this before. I know I have a fuzzy understanding of it. But I wanted it to be clear.

Questions I answered were, what your audience needs to know? waste time on? don’t understand? how can you help?

Doing this exercise helped me realize that I’m serving 3 different audiences. Or putting it differently, the same audience in 3 different stages:

  • Stage 1: People interested in remote working and wanting it to be their next dream. They want to know what’s remote working. Why it’s better for them. How to get a remote job…
  • Stage 2: People who made the leap forward and got their remote job. Now they want how the legal side of it works. How they can get health insurance. How they can pay taxes…
  • Stage 3: People already working remotely and want to know tips and tricks. Best coffee shops. Best co-working spaces…

To avoid repetition, I removed Morocco from the audience description. But all this applies to Moroccans as they are my audience.

Now that I have a clear idea of my audience and the different stages, I can move to the next phase and see how I can help each one of them. I only need a way to know who is who…

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7 responses to “Who is my audience?”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’m also trying to learn about online marketing.

    One thing that puzzles me regarding the Moroccan audience, is which language to choose from. I know most of the developers know and speak English, but maybe most are more comfortable reading French?

    • Hey Meriam, thanks for reading!

      That’s a good question and I’ve been talking about this for quite some time with some friends. We still don’t know what’s the best approach here :/

      One of my friends shared that he find it hard to make a polyglot Twitter profile. We do speak 3 languages, but what about the followers? Are they more into English?… This question is still ongoing.

      For remote.ma, I know I target people working remotely. And in order to work remotely you need English. So at least, people in stage 2 and 3 should be familiar with English.

      This leave me with stage 1 where English is probably not the right language for this stage. But I’m not ready to transform remote.ma to a mutli language blog.

      I’ve been thinking of a podcast in darija or another format to target stage 1, but I still don’t have a proof of concept.

      Would like to hear your thoughts about this 🙌

      • I experimented with one post in french “Tu es un dev marocain? Voici comment trouver un travail en Allemagne” surprisingly it’s the one that got the most response in Facebook and Linkedin. I’m not sure yet if it’s because of the content or the language.

        I have to experiment more to have actionable insights.

      • That’s interesting feedback, thank you for sharing. I’ll run some tests on my end too and let you know!

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