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For me, life is a never-ending process of trying to be better than yesterday and a lot of people agree with this.

Where people start to disagree is the meaning of “being better”. Should I read every day to feel I’m better? Am I a bad person if I skip a day? What about the weekends?

It may sound crazy, but that’s how the personal development “gurus” present it: Read every day. Meditate every day. Journal every day… They present it in a way that if you miss one of these things, you’ll feel terrible about yourself.

This is terrible advice.

For me, being better doesn’t mean it only involves you. Helping your community, being nice to others, remembering your loved one’s birthdays, are all types of being better. When you keep personal development only personal, you turn into a fanatic. You start thinking you’re better than others, or you’re inches away from being the next Naval. Both destructive ideas.

I have a daily manifesto of 4 areas I want to improve at every day. I have a daily task in my tasks manager named “Daily Manifesto”. I consider it done when I achieve something in one of those areas, not one in each area, I leave that for the fanatics.


I want to keep my mind working. I want to read, write, and learn new things. I consider this done if I: Read something, learn something new, doing a DIY project, develop a new skill or write.


We only have one body and we should keep it working properly. I consider this done if: I cook a healthy meal, do a workout or take one of my stupid walks.


This is something that’s different between folks as the definition of “happy” isn’t the same for everyone. But there are sources linking happiness with being around people you love. And I believe that’s true for me too. I consider happiness to be tied to the quality of my human relations. I consider this done if: I spend time with family, getting a coffee with a friend, do a call with a distant friend, helping someone, or giving advice when requested.


Being wealthy is something I’ve been pursuing for a long time and is my ultimate goal. I consider this done if: I post on the blog, work on side projects, work on ideas, or connecting with like-minded people.

Each day, I’m either wiser, healthier, happier, or wealthier. And that’s all I need.

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  1. > I consider this done if: I post on the blog, work on side projects, work on ideas, or connecting with like-minded people.

    I like this definition of “wealthy”! Too often it is tied to $$$ only.

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