A simple idea to reduce procrastination

Like every human being, I used to procrastinate a lot. Dishes? Nah. Cleaning something? Nah. Folding clothes? Nah… I knew it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help it. My body was against me.

That was a few years ago, but it’s still happening sometimes. Less often than before for sure, but it happens. We are not ideal humans after all.

So how I reduced the daily procrastination to a few times only? A simple phrase: Every day is a new day.

When I let a day’s unfinished work roll over to the next day, I was feeling both days were the same. I feel there is continuity, just like part 1 and part 2.

Starting your day with yesterday’s dishes, cleaning… is starting your day on the wrong foot. I wanted every day to be new: starting fresh. My day will be independent of the other days, I could design it the way I want, and it starts in the morning and finishes at night. Simple.

My body started co-operating. Because in my mind, I wasn’t doing the dishes because they shouldn’t be around. I was doing it because I was excited tomorrow will be a new day and I don’t want the dishes to ruin it.

I felt the incentives were more present and pushed me to complete things. They switched from a moral thing (dishes shouldn’t be around) to a tangible thing: they can ruin your day tomorrow.

Now after I wrote this, I remembered I have some clothing to fold. Tomorrow is a new day.

2 responses to “A simple idea to reduce procrastination”

  1. That is.. really insightful! Nice mind trick!
    Also folding clothes is a chore I hate the most so your example really brought it home for me 😀

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