The beauty of cheap products

No one likes cheap products. We all want high-quality ones, and we want to feel the joy of owning them. But there is something about those cheap products that I personally find interesting… I just don’t worry about them..

Let me explain.

A few months ago, I bought a cheap Bluetooth bracelet. Heart and sleep monitoring, steps calculator, etc… The basic features you’ll get from a 30$ bracelet.

Since the day I bought it, I do everything with it. Taking a shower, swimming… you name it. In my head, the worst-case scenario is I’ll get a new one if it stopped working for some reason.

On the other hand, let’s imagine I got an expansive smartwatch. It will have more features for sure, but will I use it in the same way? Probably not. Even if it’s water-resistant, I’ll probably take it off before swimming for example. It costs a fortune, so I can’t just replace it whenever I want.

Buying an expensive product is surely more enjoyable. We all want quality products, and everyone deserves the best. But, is it always a good idea?

If buying an expensive product makes you a hostage of it, constantly worrying it will break, cutting from your time to take care of it, adapting your life to it… Was it really a good idea to get it in the first place?


  1. p says:

    The difference between a $10 Bluetooth bracelet and the $100 one is the $100 one will keep getting updates, won’t sell your personal information for third parties or contain a sketchy Android/iOS application.


    1. Marek says:

      And how many more waste we produce by getting rid of cheap 30$ bracelet every 3 months beceause it stops working and then bauying anoter one , another one, anothe one,ā€¦.


      1. Ahmed says:

        Oh, it is still working after 6 months šŸ™‚


  2. qklu says:

    This is a disaster for global warming, and ressources usage.


  3. anjan bacchu says:

    that’s a cool idea


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