TickTick for Mac: Add a task from anywhere

If you use a task manager or a to-do list, you know that adding tasks to your list, quickly, is a must-have feature. Not surprisingly, the first step in the GTD journey is to capture stuff. The quickest, the better.

I use TickTick, and I have it installed on my laptop, phone, etc. On my Mac, I thought the only option to add a task in TickTick is to open the app, and click the + button. Or, there should be some hotkeys, but you should probably be inside the app anyway to use it, so I didn’t bother looking deeper.

One day, I decided I’ll give the hotkeys a look, and then I learned that there is a shortcut to add tasks from anywhere! Why no one told me this before?

Anyway, open TickTick on Mac > Preferences > Hotkeys > Scroll to Common Operations > Add Task:

I configured the Add Task hotkeys as Shift + Control + N

I have it set up as Command + Shift + N. This works from anywhere, and it’s a game-changer. If you use Todoist, you can also achieve the same thing. Just look in the preferences.

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Responses to “TickTick for Mac: Add a task from anywhere”

  1. Sarosh Aga

    I’ve been using Notion as a task manager. They have a Kanban template for this.

    1. Ahmed

      Can you link to it, please?

      Also, if you use Notion as a task manager, you’ll not like my next post xD.

      1. Sarosh Aga


        Haha! I saw your post! I’m gonna try TickTick

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