Fighting covid, for the second time

I first got COVID in November 2020, or the early days of the pandemic. With no vaccination in sight at that time, I was expecting the worst.

Luckily, it was a breeze. In fact, I only knew it was covid when I lost my ability to smell and taste. Other than that, pretty normal.

Now, in June 2022, and with 3 vaccine doses, I got covid again. But this time, it was a bad experience.

Things escalated quickly. From feeling a little exhausted in the afternoon to experiencing an extreme headache, sweating, and coughing in the same night. It’s like it caught my body off guard, and did all it can to destroy it.

I confirmed it was covid in the morning by an antigenic test.

In the first two days, my whole buddy was “beaten up” that I couldn’t move. Plus, a headache, coughing, and sweating.

Starting from the third day, the sweating started to drop. But an extreme headache took its place. I can’t read/watch anything on a screen or paper.

I’m writing this post on my 5th day. Still have not recovered, but at least, I can write/read on a screen without my head going bananas.

The doctor’s advice is to rest at least 7 days, and I’m planning to stick to it. Hope 7 days are all I need.

So, if you are reading this, stay safe!


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Responses to “Fighting covid, for the second time”

  1. podcastonecho

    Get well soon. ________________________________

  2. a friend

    Sorry to hear this, please don’t get more of these useless shots.

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