It’s not about winning the World Cup

As you probably know, Morocco had a great run in the 2022 World Cup but their progression ended in the semi-finals with a 2 – 0 defeat against France.

But let me tell you something. We are happy.

We indeed wanted to go for the final, but we are still happy with this result. Because in the end, it’s not about reaching final or winning the cup for us.

It’s about being a pioneer, enabling the impossible, and opening a new world of possibilities. Not necessarily for this generation! But for the next one, and the one after.

Before this WC, no African/Arab team made it to the top 4. They all thought it was impossible! Now, Morocco just made it.

Just like we thought we couldn’t run a mile in under 4 minutes, and then Roger Bannister made it possible. 37 people did the same in the span of 2 years. It wasn’t impossible, we just needed a pioneer. Someone crazy enough to say: fuck it, I’ll do it.

This is what it’s all about.

It’s about breaking the mental blocks.

It’s about inspiring the next generation.

It’s about opening doors.

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