Raise your hands

Here’s a question:

How many daily tasks force you to raise your hands above your head?

If you responded with anything other than none, then congratulations. You’re probably better than 90% of us.

Our daily life is now structured around laptops, phones, and sitting down in general. Rarely when we reach out for something above our heads, let aside doing it constantly.

Few years from now, we’ll probably raise our hands once or twice weekly, if it’s not already here. And it’s just a frightening.

If you don’t already know, there is a well spread culture in Japan to do a quick (3 minute) workout every morning. It’s been running for at least a hundred years and used by old and young.

Try to squeeze this in your morning. All it takes is 3min.

Next time, I hope you’ll answer at least once a day to my opening question.

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