Online tools and trust

Much of the decision making process is taking pros and cons of each solution, then deciding where to draw the line. It’s rare when a solution is all pros, no cons.

This is true for online tools too. On one hand, they require minimal setup (if any) and they sync data easily between devices. On the other, they lock you in and makes it hard to leave for a competitor.

And when you’re locked in, what happens if the company goes bankrupt? Or decides to sell to a competitor? What happens to our data and can you get it back safely?

This is one of the things I’ve been thinking about lately. Especially when it comes to information storage online. The notes we wrote, the data we collect, the intimate information we share, etc.

It’s worth keeping all of this in mind. Sometimes, it’s better to have control than features.

What’s an example of something you do because it gives you complete control, but is not necessarily “easy”?

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