Learning about Groups in online marketing

In my quest to learn online marketing, I started using Mailchimp for my mailing list. I already used it in another project, but I didn’t go deeper into all tools provided by the platform. This time, I wanted to learn more about online marketing and Mailchimp in general so I can use it better.

One thing I find frustrating about marketing emails is they feel like spam. 9 out of 10 marketing emails I receive are useless. With no added value to me as a user.

I don’t want to do the same for remote.ma’s followers. I want to send helpful content only. A content every follower will find interesting. But that’s not easy.

After knowing my audience, I know I’m serving at least 3 different groups of people. And sending content that pleases them all isn’t possible. I wanted to know how I can identify each one on my mailing list so I can send them the content they want!

For example, I don’t want to send remote working tips to someone who isn’t working remotely. Or how to get a remote job to someone with a remote job already. I wanted a way to separate my contacts.

And that’s when I learned about Mailchimp Groups.

Groups are a way to separate your subscribers into buckets. For me, I decided my groups will be the different stages I described in Who is my audience? post:

  • Those not working remotely but aiming to
  • Those who started working remotely
  • Those already working remotely

You can put your subscribers in Groups yourself or you can let them choose which one. For example, I added a small question to the subscribe pop-up in remote.ma. The response to this question will automatically add the follower to the group:

example pop-up from remote.ma
remote.ma’s pop-up

Also, they can update their preferences if that group changes in the future. Or if they want to change it for some reason.

This will help know better my audience and serve them the content they like to see in their inbox.

Next time I’ll be talking about segmentation.

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