Paperback books

I’m still an old fashioned boy and I can’t hop on the kindle/digital books train, yet. I love paperback books. I love turning the pages, highlighting things, and all that stuff.

Speaking of highlighting, up until a few weeks ago, I was using flags index tabs. I even talked about them in my prior post about my way of reading books. But I’m using them rarely now.

I asked myself, why am I using them? And the answer was obvious in my head: “If I borrow the book to someone, I don’t want to bias his ideas. So I keep it clean”. Yeah, a noble cause.

And here, when was the last time I borrowed a book to someone? Uh well, it was at least 4 years ago! I guess I stopped borrowing.

Back in 2016, I remember I had two books that I liked. Sadly,
I only remember the name of one, The 4 Hour Work-week. I liked these books to the point where I was talking about them for hours every day. During lunch, dinner, and inside the class (sorry!).

One day I said to my friends: “I’ll stop talking about them, why don’t you read them yourselves?”. I was giving them my best-of, but I was sure they will find other interesting things in the book. They agreed, and I borrowed them my books.

Then, I never saw these books again. It was our final year, we got on different paths, and I completely forgot about them.

It was due to this that I decided I shouldn’t borrow my books. Ever. But somehow, I kept the idea of “I should keep them clean in case someone borrowed them from me”.

After remembering this, I’m approaching notes differently. I bought a pencil and started taking notes on books. They don’t look clean anymore. But they look personal. They are MY books.

Oh, I bought another copy of The 4 Hour Work-week 🙂

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