Too much information

Take any subject you can think of. Make a simple search. And you’ll get thousands of results.

There is too much information around!

A lot of information is good. But too much information leads to fatigue. And instead of deciding what you’ll be reading, doing, etc. You’re overwhelmed. And you end up giving up.

I believe the next big thing will be content curation. Call it the TLDR; of the Internet.

In the future, we’ll rely more on curators. They are people we trust. People who will process information and give us the only bits we need to know. They will serve as our shield against information fatigue. And they will spend the majority of their time reading, researching, and documenting things.

When it comes to compensation, they will be using the power of the Internet: Selling monthly subscriptions to their audience.

This model works best and it’s the same model driving the software industry. The cost to reproduce what you’re selling is null or minimal. You’re producing one thing and selling it over and over again. Which gives you the best margins possible.

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2 responses to “Too much information”

  1. +1 on this! It’s very relevant to me.. I read really a lot of articles and books about topics that I’m interested in Product and software mgmt. I often share the best findings with my friends and colleagues, and right now I’m launching a newsletter digest to open it to more people who might be interested

    • That sounds awesome, I’m also interested at software management! Let me know where I can subscribe to your newsletter 😍

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