Imaginary problems

I started writing every day for nearly a month now, and I did it for a reason.

I wanted to get used to the idea of writing things down. They are either things I worked on during the day, a book I’m reading, or something I’m thinking about a lot lately. I decided I’ll be posting every day at 10 AM.

It worked well in the beginning. But the last few days were hard. I stressed about not being able to post at 10 AM. It consumed me and I hated it.

I stopped overthinking and decided I should give it a test. My test was: “I’ll not post at 10 AM, intentionally, and see how it goes”. So 2 days ago, I published a post at 4 PM. And guess what, no one complained.

I gave it another try. Yesterday, I also didn’t post at 10 AM. And you guessed it, no one complained either.

After this, I asked myself: “Wait a minute! Who decided I should post at 10 AM in the first place?”. Yes, it was me.

I created a rule for myself, and I started stressing about it. And the truth is, there is no such rule! The one thing I want to do is writing daily. And given I’m doing it, it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 AM or 10 PM (like the publishing time of the article you’re reading now).

Sometimes, we are creating imaginary problems for ourselves. But if you look a little bit closer. There is no problem at all.

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