Acquiring my first Internet project:

A few months ago, I acquired my first project ever:, a remote jobs board.

The following is a recap of why I acquired it instead of building it myself and how I’m planning to use it. But first…

Why the heck a job board?

It’s been a while since I wanted to build a remote jobs board. Yes, there are thousands out there, and I’m not trying to compete with them, but I wanted to build a board for Moroccans. Why? Because not all remote companies hire from Morocco.

Some companies only hire from the US, Europe, Canada… For Moroccans like me, it’s hard to find a remote job. You need to manually check companies to see if they hire from Morocco.

Most job boards include a “Global” filter, which supposedly, should show you companies hiring “worldwide”. But given most companies call themselves “worldwide” if they hire outside of the US (but not necessarily everywhere), that filter doesn’t work for the majority of cases.

Why acquiring?

I wasn’t thinking of acquiring to start with. But when the opportunity presented itself, I reached out to the maker and we worked out a price.

It was a win-win situation. For the seller, it encourages him to focus on other projects. And for me, the project is built with technologies I’m comfortable with (Node.js, Express, and Next.js), was fairly priced, and helped me move quicker with my idea.

What to expect next?

I didn’t change much on the site itself, but I took the same technology and started using it for the Moroccan Remote Jobs board:

The list of companies is hand picked for now. That way, I know for sure they are hiring from Morocco. The project is currently in the testing phase but will be officially launched in the next few weeks.

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