Trying new apps

There are so many apps out there and I always get tempted to try them! Especially those fixing one small thing that’s been itching me for some time. The latest one of those apps is Linear. It looks like a good app for project management, especially given I have a lot of side projects, and I can really see it fit my use case.

However, I didn’t make the jump. Whenever I feel I’m adding another app, it looks like opening a pandora’s box.

Any tool I add to my toolbox means a new dependency. I need to figure out how to connect it to the other tools I use, make it part of my daily/weekly routine… And in general, invest so much time in it.

That’s why I try to use the apps already in my toolbox to the fullest. The project management stuff is already covered by Todoist, especially their Boards view. It’s not the best app for this, but it works fine. And this means one less app I should add to my toolbox.

I don’t have a problem trying new apps. I enjoy the process of onboarding, the UX… It inspires me and keeps me in the loop of what’s happening around. The only difference is I only commit to a few.

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