Deferred sharing

What’s the difference between sharing something RIGHT NOW or a WEEK LATER?

Chances are it’s not that much. Yet we treat it as if the whole world should know I’m eating an ice cream, right now!

I don’t buy the idea of live sharing. It’s not beneficial for the one sharing (can you enjoy the moment?) nor the one following (don’t you have a better use of your time?).

Of course, there are many things worth sharing at the moment. A newborn? Maybe. Happy/sad news? Maybe.

Anyone can choose what they think is worth sharing at the moment. And I accept that. But there is nothing normal in sharing everything in real-time. Don’t be one of those whose stories look like a scissor-cut line. So long it might freeze the app.

I believe in deferred sharing.

News, if shared now or a month later, aren’t changing your perception, your happiness, or your self-esteem.

Here’s an example:

I’ve run my first-ever half marathon on January 26th, 2023. I wrote about it the next day and added the post to the queue. Given there were many posts before it, it ended up going live on April 10 (read it here), 2 months after the event.

Did the 2 months delay made the event less relevant? Nope.

How many people were angry given they didn’t hear about it in the moment? Zero.

You don’t need to share everything in real time. It’s a scam.


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