Years are only numbers

“Stop playing, you’re an adult now!”. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. What do being an adult mean anyway?

As humans, we have problems quantifying things. So we always tend to use universal measurements. My pinch of salt, isn’t your pinch of salt. But 3 grams of salt is the same for both of us.

This also applies to our usage of years. We use them to make our communication about time easier. When we talk about an engineering major, for example. We can’t say you should study until you are ready. People are different. Some will be ready in 3 years, but others in 5. And to avoid this, humans normalized it and said: at least 5 years. But, is it normal all engineering majors require the same number of years to complete? Isn’t there at least one major harder/easier than others?

All this to say, using number of years as a measurement is flawed. Stop thinking you should not play if you’re an adult. Stop thinking you need at least X years doing something to be a senior. Stop thinking you can’t start something because you’re old/young.


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