Whenever I’m learning something new, I take notes. A lot of notes. Some of them can be redundant. Others will not make it to the final notes. But, I make sure to note as much as I can.

These notes serve me to detect patterns, that I’ll transform afterward to checklists. Building checklists is what I’m after when learning something new. They are my final goal.

Checklists are a repeatable step-by-step process to get to a goal. They free me from thinking and reduce the margins of errors. That’s why I use them whenever I can.

I have a checklist for writing a new article. I have another for marketing once I publish an article. I have another for my company management. And a few others.

My checklists are a project in Todoist, the to-do app I’m using. Whenever I want, I duplicate the to-do list to get a fresh checklist. And once done, I archive it.

Whenever I can, I automate things. But when I can’t, a checklist is the way I go.

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