The boring stuff

Who loves the boring stuff? No one!

I have a story to share with you today. It’s about a subject I considered “boring”. But it turns out it’s one of the best things I learned in my life. Just after coding.

Back in July 2018, I joined Automattic. A distributed company with folks working from more than 60 different countries. It was a new adventure for me and I was excited about the challenge.

But the work started a month earlier. I was doing what I called back then the boring parts. Getting the legal paperwork done.

Given my employer isn’t based in Morocco, I needed to create a legal entity here. That includes starting a company, getting an accountant, and learning company management. This was time-consuming for sure. But I was happy I got everything figured out.

And then I started learning accounting. I considered it as the most boring subject in engineering school. But this time, I had an accountant who helped me with some real and eye-opening cases. And wow, those real cases were interesting!

To this day, nearly 2 years after starting the company, I’m still learning accounting. And I’m still amazed whenever I learn something new. It’s like learning about this very secret trick no one is talking about. You feel like you’re part of a secret group.

Accounting made me realize how businesses work. How the finance works. And how companies use it to their advantage. For the first time ever, I understand my paychecks. I know how to legally optimize things. And I know what I’m paying and why.

I gave a boring subject its time. I didn’t rush things. And it turns out it’s not that boring after all.

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