Segmenting audience in Mailchimp

This is the third lesson I’m sharing with you on my journey to learn online marketing. After groups and tags, now it’s time to learn about segments.

Segmentation is the process of having buckets of your audience that checks a list of criteria. Usually, the intersection of contacts part of a group, have a tag, or others. This is better explained with an example. has an article called “The best coffee shops for working in Casablanca“. One problem I had with this article is whenever I update it, there is no way to notify people about the new coffee shops. Other than posting on social media of course. If I want to send an email on each update, I need to know who is interested in hearing such information. People interested in this article are:

  • Already working remotely (so they are used to the idea of working from coffee shops)
  • Are from Casablanca

So this is my segment for this article and I can create it in Mailchimp. In fact, when a user subscribes to your mailing list, their location is also saved.

You can create segments using location, but there are other things you can use too: Groups, subscription date, activity, contact rating… You can let your creativity shine.

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