My recurring Todoist tasks

I bet you already know that I use Todoist for everything, it’s my personal assistant. If not, give it a try! I hope you’ll like it as I do.

One of the best usages of Todoist is recurring tasks. I use daily, weekly, monthly, and sometimes yearly recurring tasks to stay up-to-date with what’s happening.

Today, I wanted to share with you my list of recurring tasks. I tried to keep tasks not divulging personal information, but there are other tasks related to health/doctor appointments etc…

Personal tasks

  • Call home – every day
  • Zakatyearly

Home tasks

  • Laundry day – weekly
  • Fridge check – weekly

Company management

  • Pay IR – monthly
  • Pay CNSS – monthly
  • Check letters – monthly
  • Pay TVA – quarterly


  • Weekly retrospective and planning next week – weekly
  • Daily manifestodaily


  • Full body workout – weekly on Mon and Thu
  • Abs & flexibility workout – weekly on Wed


A list of articles I read once in a month. Will be part of a separate post.

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