Articles I read at least once a month

In my post about recurring Todoist tasks, I shared that I have a list of articles I read at least once every month. Well, here they are:

The ladders of wealth creation – Nathan Barry

This is my all time favorite article about wealth creation. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about wealth. Really good stuff!

How to make a product that sells itself – Jordan O’Connor

This is a good article about pricing and how to easily sell a product. You can summarize this article in one sentence: “Save several hours of time everyday, for $1 a day”.

50 ideas that changed my life – David Perell

A lot of good ideas in this article. My favorites are: Inversion (1), Competition is for losers (9), Table Selection (21), Hickam’s Dictum (30), Personal Monopoly (38), Via Negativa (46).

Launching an online product – David Perell

Summary is: Give a ton of free stuff away to build trust. Then charge for something afterwards.

From one company to a portfolio of companies – Andrew Wilkinson

A good story about scaling businesses (going from one business to a portfolio of companies)

How to start a business or a product from scratch – Tim Ferriss

I like this video given it introduces a lot of good concepts, like creating a category, clear objectives, scratch your own itch…

Some of David Perell Tweets around consistency

B+ content and A+ consistency is the winning formula for email newsletters. – – Most of the value comes from consistency, not content.

Create consistently. Essays, podcasts, drawings, videos, music. You pick. Your work will become a magnet for people from every corner of the planet. People who like your work will reach to you and create opportunities you never expected.

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