Moving to TickTick from Todoist

This is a little overdue as I moved to TickTick a while ago, but figured out I can give a quick summary. You can follow me on Twitter for these “hot” updates.

I explained why I switched to TickTick in that Twitter thread, but let me give you a quick summary:

  1. Todoist didn’t have a task description. TickTick has one
  2. TickTick has a native calendar view. With Todoist you need to connect it to Google Calendar
  3. TickTick Summary makes it easy to see what you achieved in a particular day. I use this feature daily for my standup thread in work. Basically copy pasting the summary works fine.
  4. TickTick has Habits. Which is different from a task. If you’ve done it, then that’s good. If not, it doesn’t roll to the next day.
  5. TickTick has a Pomodoro built in. Which is nice 🤤

These are the main reasons why I switched, and I’m still liking it so far.

Some updates for today:

  • Joined: 28/04/2021
  • Score: 2886, Level 5 (More productive than 55% of users)
  • Tasks completed: 430
  • Pomodoros: 52 (21h24m focus time)
  • Habits tracked: 4 (1 archived)

Until next time, keep crushing it!


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