The package vs the cheapest option

You either get the package or the cheapest option. Rarely both.

A few years ago, I was all about the cheapest option. I think I was broke, or not valuing my time accordingly. Or probably, a combination of the two.

But I’ve evolved to choose the package: to pay a premium if I think the service is worth it, and to appreciate it more.

One example is banking, where I pay a premium just because I can reach out to a human whenever I want. Another example is buying courses online. I’m aware that much of the content is free or available elsewhere, but I value the time spent on curating it and I’m ready to pay for that if the price makes sense.

On the other hand, a cheap service usually entails reducing quality or removing features. You can have a free banking account of course, but now you can’t talk to a human if you have a problem. Or you can learn anything online, but the amount of noise out there will take most of your time.

Combining best package and price is extremely hard. I can’t think of any service that’s both cheap and has the best package possible.

Okay, maybe Canva.

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