Entrepreneurship and remote work from Morocco

Hey, I’m Ahmed, a software developer, writer, and maker. I’m interested in entrepreneurship and working remotely. Read more about me.

I’m based in Morocco, and currently working at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

My projects


I help Moroccan creatives join the future of work. Sharing tips, information, and building tools for remote workers.

Visit remote.ma


Tools, articles, and everything a Moroccan maker needs to start hacking. Let’s create more than consume.

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I also work on other stuff that you may find interesting. You can see all of them in my online resume/about.

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Latest blog posts

Is it bad practice to choose your own document ID in Firestore or a NoSQL database?

What if you’re left to choose the IDs of your documents on a NoSQL database like Firestore? Will you use a random string for your IDs, or try to use a combination of your document fields? Let’s take books for example. A good candidate for a unique ID is the ISBN, it’s a book identifierContinue reading “Is it bad practice to choose your own document ID in Firestore or a NoSQL database?”

The green presence dot

Nowadays, every app with a chat feature has a presence indicator. It comes with different flavors, like a green dot, an “online” mention, or a “last seen” feature. But they all serve the same purpose. It’s a trap. Every one of them fights for your attention, trying to spend more time with you while usingContinue reading “The green presence dot”


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